Horn of Valhalla


Brass Horn of Valhalla

Prerequisite – 1st level spellcaster, command phrase: “We will prevail”

Result: Summons 2d4+1 3rd level Human Barbarian Constructs

The constructs fight until slain or 1 hour has elapsed since the Horn was blown.


The Horn of Valhalla was given to Aeson, leader of the armies of mankind following the Battle of Haldheim, which forever drove the Frost Giants back to their home of Jotunheim, as reward for his courage and skill. Thor told him that he need only blow upon it and aid would always come to him in the time of need.

Time passed and the Horn fell out of memory, though rumoured to be protected by two wandering hermits, descendents of Aeson’s loyal men, ever searching for a suitable place to lay it to rest.

Unfortunately, they met their end in a cave far south of their homelands and the Horn, inadvertently though it was, came to rest where they lay. Until one day, a band of young adventurers came looking for healing herbs…

Horn of Valhalla

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