The Pantheon of Narvonis

Odin – LG – Domains: Law, Good, Runes, Magic, Knowledge – Favoured Weapon: Spear – The Allfather, enjoys human sacrifice as a means of repayment for all he’s done for mankind.

Forseti – LG – Law, Good, Artifice, Fire, Strength – Greataxe – The Judge of the Gods. Delivers justice tempered with mercy.

Thor – NG – Air, Good, Travel, Protection, Strength – Warhammer – God of Sky and Thunder. Protector of Midgard (Earth)

Frigga (goddess) – NG – Good, Protection, Community, Healing, Plant – Quarterstaff – Wife of Odin, mother of Thor. A mother in every sense.

Freya (goddess) – CG – Chaos, Good, Death, Healing, War – Short sword – Goddess of Love and Beauty, but also of soldiers.

Magni, son of Thor – CG – Chaos, Good, Liberation, Weather, Protection – Battleaxe – God of Freedom.

Tyr – LN – Law, War, Glory, Nobility, Luck – Longsword – Gave the law to the gods and man. Lost his arm restraining Fenrir, the demon-wolf.

Hel (goddess) – LN – Law, Death, Repose, Rune, Glory – Flail – Goddess of death and the after-life.

Ullr – N – Animal, Plant, Earth, Luck, Travel – Longbow – God of Nature.

Njord – N – Water, Animal, Weather, Plant, Air – Heavy Mace – God of the Sea.

Freyr – CN – Chaos, Sun, Charm, Glory, Fire – Unarmed Strike – God of the Sun and warriors.

Vör – CN – Chaos, Knowledge, Rune, Travel, Magic – Glaive – Goddess of all knowledge.

Vidarr – LE – Law, Evil, Knowledge, War, Fire – Greatsword – God of Vengeance, son of Odin.

Skadi, wife of Ullr – LE – Law, Evil, Air, Animal, Water – Halberd – Goddess of Winter, Wrath and, Justice.

Nari, son of Loki – NE – Evil, Destruction, Madness, Darkness, Earth – Morningstar

Váli, son of Loki – NE – Evil, Destruction, Magic, Strength, War – Shortbow

Rán (goddess) – CE – Chaos, Evil, Water, Trickery, Luck – Trident – Lures sailors to their death with a giant net.

Loki – CE – Chaos, Evil, Trickery, Charm, Destruction – Dagger – God of deceit, trickery, and destruction. He is the one who shall instigate the Ragnarok.

The Pantheon of Narvonis

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